Monitor, Learn & Protect.

A service combining the best e-safety training and advice for school staff with the technical confidence offered by computer monitoring to improve the e-safety outcomes and behaviour of pupils.

Prices start from £500 per annum


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Schools E-Safeguarding

Schools have a responsibility to ensure pupils use ICT and the internet safely as part of their duty of care. With new technologies used from age 5, this must begin as soon as children start school.

What's Expected

Ofsted expects schools to have measures in place to identify safeguarding issues, whether these happen online, in the classroom or the playground. At the same time, Ofsted recommends that schools provide pupils with more internet access to allow children the chance to assess risks and learn how to keep themselves safe.

Identify Issues

This service enables schools to identify e-safety issues, strengthen e-safety practice and better educate staff, parents and pupils about staying safe in a digital world.


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Product Benefits

  • Practical expertise and support - Child protection professionals available throughout the year to support teachers who are worried about a particular situation and need advice on what action to take.
  • Securus E-safety monitoring system  - Identifies safeguarding concerns on school computers and laptops by capturing inappropriate words, phrases and images which appear on screen.
  • Monitor online and offline use - Detects and records examples of harmful behaviour and content within emails, computer programs, websites, social networking sites, blogs, VLEs and instant messages.
  • Promotes safer behaviour - Encourages children to adopt safer habits and teaches them how to stay safe in real situations.
  • Meets Ofsted recommendations - Allows pupils to use new technologies responsibly while ensuring any e-safety issues are captured.
  • Supports schools' legal duty of care - Alerts staff to swearing, hurtful comments, online bullying, harmful or worrying websites and other safeguarding concerns.